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Advantages of drip irrigation

• Drip irrigation works by applying water slowly and directly to the soil and plants

• Drip irrigation is a more productive method of watering plants than a sprinkler system

• Drip irrigation is also easier to design and install

• Drip irrigation or drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system by allowing water to drip slowly from the soil surface to the roots of plants buried above or below the surface

• The goal of drip irrigation is to place water directly in the root zone and minimize evaporation

History of drip irrigation

Primitive drip irrigation was used in ancient China. Modern drip irrigation began to develop in Germany in the 1860s when researchers began experimenting with underground irrigation using clay pipes to create mixed irrigation and drainage systems.

• Drip irrigation is currently the most efficient means of applying water to crops
• There are 2 variants of drip irrigation technology: underground irrigation and surface irrigation
• The most common overhead drip irrigation was first developed in Israel