Benefits of
Drip Irrigation Systems




on your production costs

In drip irrigation, only the amount of water needed by the plant is used and savings of

40%-70% are achieved.

It increases the quality

High productivity and quality increase is achieved by maintaining soil moisture.

It reduces salinity in the soil

The drip irrigation system minimizes the salinity level in the soil.

Prevents plant diseases

Plant diseases are easier to prevent thanks to water-soluble drugs.

Fights against weeds

Weed growth is very low due to water being supplied only to the roots.

Fertilization is easy

With soluble fertilizers and irrigation water, no additional labor is required.

Sloping soils are easy to irrigate

Irrigation can be carried out without losing pressure on sloping lands.

It consumes little energy

Drip irrigation systems use less electricity.

It requires little labor

Easier to set up, assemble and store.

Products grow to the same size

Crops grow to the same height and size and to the same maturity.