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What are the advantages of the pivot irrigation system?

Pivot irrigation is called water wheel and circular irrigation. It is an irrigation method in which the machinery rotates around a loop and the crops are watered with sprinklers. Since center pivot irrigation delivers water evenly, it can significantly increase crop yield. This is more effective in areas with uneven terrain or varying soil conditions.

But what are the advantages of a central irrigation system?

Among irrigation methods, center pivot irrigation systems have several advantages from an environmental point of view. For example, automated operation and low labor costs, the possibility of shallow application depths, good uniformity in water application, easier application of agrochemicals and reliability.

As the name suggests, center loops are watered in a circle around a central pivot point. Pivots are capable of applying water, fertilizer, chemicals and herbicides. This versatility can increase the efficiency of irrigation practices by using one machine to perform several functions. When well maintained and managed, center pivot irrigation systems have a long history of excellent performance and reliability. Although it is usually designed for a service life of 15 years, many have used this service life longer.